Prof. DUŠAN PETROVIĆ, Ph.D., born Decembar 9th, 1962 in Belgrade. Head of Department for Sound Design and Music Production at the Akademy of Arts in Belgrade. Acquired Ph.D. diploma in the field of Music theory and Sound Design at the Akademy of Arts in Belgrade for his disertation entitled Interaction between computer and composer in the field of Music and Sound Design.
Master of arts in music composition at Music Academy in Novi Sad.

Sound Designer (Berklee, USA).
Worked several years in "Studio 5" of PGP RTS (Record Production Department of Radio Television of Serbia) as recording eng. and music producer.


At his own "VooDoo" sound studio, he has composed and recorded the following:

- Music composed and sound designed by myself for 4 films: "Whats Up For Tonight"produced by Inex film,Belgrade; "Happy Family", "Halidas Seventh Flame" and "From the Bright Sky", all three for Tele Norm Film,Munich.

- Authored music composed and sound designed by myself for the TV series"Essays in orthography" and "Attic" for RTS Belgrade.

- Authored music composed and sound designed for theatrical performances: "Liar", "Desire under the Elms".

- Authored music composed and sound designed for 10 Radio Plays.

- He is winner of 3 prizes at the Yugoslav Radio Festivals"Radio Week" and the yearly prize of Radio Belgrade for The Best Music in a Radio Play-Drama of 1989.

- Have produced,composed and designed sound and music for a great number of TV publicity jingles,spots and title music.

- Have recorded and post-produced a number of popular music vinyl records ,cassets,CDs and DVDs for domestic and foreign markets as the french Virgin and Sony.

- Have produced mixing and dubbing,foley of a number of cartoon TV series ("The adventures of Johnny Quest" as well as the full feature length cartoon film "Chiricoo", shown at "Sava Center" and issued as DVD for distribution).


The music of which he is the author-composer was publicly performed at the "Kolarcev University" in Belgrade,"Studio M" in Novi Sad,"Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall" in Zagreb , "Sava Center" in Belgrade and in Moscow.

During 1989 I attended and completed the course for the "Solid State Logic" mixing consola in Zagreb.




1. Composed the music,recorded and designed it for the following theatrical performances:

a) "Fishermens Quarrels", by Carlo Goldoni–at Šabac Theatre and
Cult Theatre, Belgrade.

b) "Ah, Those Times of Pleasure", by Vladimir Lazić, National
Theatre "Sterija" in Vršac.

c) "Lover with Great Style", by Ray Kooney - Zvezdara
Theatre, Belgrade.

d) "Don Juan returns from war", by Vladimir Lazić.

2. Composed the music and exected the complete sound design for the TV serie "Attic" (11 episodes for RadioTelevisia Serbie).

3. A large number of television publicity spots and musical tunes from pop to country music.

4. Music tunes for the TV serie "Jelena" - BK TV.

5. Was engaged as Editor in Chief of the magazine"Music", the leading branch magazine in the area of music,musical technology and production.Authoring numerous expertised articles and series.