“VooDoo” studio is concieved for music recording but also for sound designing of film and TV (“Surround 5.1” monitoring system and most updated library of sound effects).

In the studio microphonic recordings can be performed of vocals and other soloists, a smaller choir, smaller camera performing units as well as complicated multi-microphonic recording of "live" drums, "MIDI" programming, mix, post-production and mastering.

Composing, arrangement, orchestration, keyboard playing, represent the "musical" services offered by the studio!

The production of music and sound designing for theatrical performances, publicity spots, titles, TV series and films are the most frequent tasks performed by the studio.

Sound mixing and dubbing of short and feature length cartoons and feature films "on/with the picture", with several actors simultaneously!


 “VooDoo” studio trains future performers, in the form of "courses" or "private" lessons in following skills/fields:

1.   Analog recording  
2.   Digital recording  
3.   ”MIDI” (Music Instruments Digital Interface)  
4.   Techniques of multitrack recording and sound editing  
5.   Techniques of multitrack mixing  
6.   Music production  
7.   Sound Design for visual media  
8.   Digitala audio systems (Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Pro-Tools..)  
9.   Postproduction and mastering  
10.   Classic harmony  
11.   Modern-Jazz harmony with improvisation  
12.   Counterpoint  
13.   Music forms  
14.   Orchestration  
15.   Arrangement

“VooDoo” studio sells software!

We have everything, every software you desire! We can even supply hardware at best prices! Delivery by authorized distributor

with one year quarantee.