Studio Slika

The "VooDoo" Studio offers an area of 55 m2 of which "Studio-equipment" occupies 22 m2, is built in keeping with all the rules of accoustic and the principle of "room-in-room". The "Studio-equipment" area is realised as a "LEDE" room ("Live End Dead End').    

 The "Studio-equipment" is air conditioned and has access to daylight as well as fresh air-entering directly thru windows.Smoking in "Studio-equipment" is prohibited. Smokers can smoke in the saloon or on the terrace.

Work in "Studio-equipment" is based with the possibility of simultaneous and parallel use of not less than 10 "Digital Audio Workstation" systems on ten integrated computers. Seven “Apple-Macintoshs” and three “Pentiums” inter-connected with "Ethernet" and "MIDI" networks. A total synchronization of all computers is ensured by "Master House MTC" and "Master House Word Clock" entrusted to control of "MOTU MTP AV" and "Apogee Big Ben" synchronizers.

The first of these 10 "DAW" systems, has the task of Digital Desk/Mixer (G5 eight core). In it all the other "DAW" systems added together, as well all the digital and analog connections realised in "Studio-equipment" . This "Main" or "Apple computer-Mixer" offers 12x "ADAT" - digital audio inputs and outputs, a strong DSP and 24x 100mm touch-sensitive optical Penny + Giles motorized faders.

Software environment of this "Digital Mixer" is Apple Logic Pro Studio 9 or Cubase 5 or Pro Tools 8 LE.