Studio "VooDoo" has a space of 55 m2, of which the "Studio room"occupies 20 m2. It is built in accordance with all the regulations of accoustics and principle "room in the room".

"Studio room" has air-conditioner and has daylight lighting, as well as windows for ventillation and direct access of fresh air. Smoking in the "Studio room" is prohibited . Smokers can smoke in the saloon or on the terrace.

The communication between “Studio room” and “Studio-equipment room"” is performed by way of three independent "hearing-cue" systems,visualy by way of "Vision-studio window" and also by way "Video" connections (RGB,S-Video, component video) which make work parallel with picture. sound recording for film and TV, lip-synching and dubbing.

The "Studio room" space is sufficiently large to make recording of “live” drums possible, a smaller camera ensemble or choir.

The “Studio room” has a “Yamaha CP-80 electric grand” piano. This rare and specific instrument has the wires, 88 keys, "english" mechanic and the form usually found by any Yamaha half-concert piano.Can be used and applied as an adequate substitute for a half-concert piano.

A great number of varied purpose microphones and headphones completes the "Studio room" equipment, among them the “Behringer Powerplay Pro-8” - eight channel headphones distributer.